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Bookshelf – Then & Now

An article on data management appeared in IEEE Computer recently (Data Management, IEEE Computers, 2017). The author, Lomet, D.B, talks about the cost of storage, and correspondingly the capacity now available at our fingertips, and posts the question of what the ‘world of data will look like in 50 years?”

Maybe 30 years ago, the boxes of IEEE Transactions on Computers hard copy sat in a storage shed. If I had my choice, I would probably display my collection in bookshelves at home or in an office. Yes, you have to go to the University library to get to read one of the issues, and yes, there was not the website IEEE Xplore at that time. The ease of data ‘acquisition’ coupled with data push – those notifications that so many of us are tickled to get, with our mobile devices gives reason that we want terabyte of storage. How often would we go back and look at that Whatsapp message 3 years ago? (Is there a way to do that – to give a date and Whatsapp will provide you the messages of that date? in app? at some website?). Since we do not have books and magazines (how many printed magazines still survive in the digital world?) to adorn our bookcases in our study, could we have some data management tool that is designed like a book that we can shelf, but controlled by our mobile device (best yet, selectable by voice and activated by voice via Siri or Alexa), that my Whatsapp messages of that date will be played out for my guests to enjoy, laughing at what a silly conversational topic then, and how one of the messengers was on target with a silly response. Would that be nice? This could extend to each vacation trip that you took, and a playback is auto by that ‘data book’ on your shelf.

Let’s hope.

Visibility Cloud (original post: November 17, 2011)

Trying here to formulate a better conceptualization of SCV (supply chain visibility) in the cloud. Let me just call this concept: Visibility Clouds. Yes, Clouds as in many clouds – crossing country borders and jurisdictions. We will not touch on those legal and political issues here now. Visibility Clouds is a concept where your self-service visibility is readily available in the cloud across all related supply chains in the clouds. The visibility is on-target when the RFID-IS resides in the clouds as it would be avail for Hadoop-type apps to glean information off RFID event data. What is required for this Visibility Clouds (VCs) is to push with some redesign of the visibility platform (VP) to be active in the cloud. The plug-sync-play by each supply chain party to VC will be resulted as an instance of a personalized VM in the cloud with synchronization of both on-cloud and off-cloud supply chain data (such as from the ERP-IS). Such instance will be destroyed along with data for and in the session. We must also look into inter-cloud interoperability and synchronicity. More importantly, how would, e.g., a private cloud (say, a supplier with ezTrack) gives access to a request from a party in a community cloud. We understand that this can be leveraged with the ReBAC model (Relationship-Based Access Control model, based loosely from the Role-based Access Control model) that we have developed. In principles, we argue that the conceptualization of VC is preliminary ready for reference and some realization (or verification as in design science terminology) of VC can be articulated at the technological level.