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This thread will be my posts of reacting to events, comments and opinions found on the both print and electronic media

Bookshelf – Then & Now

An article on data management appeared in IEEE Computer recently (Data Management, IEEE Computers, 2017). The author, Lomet, D.B, talks about the cost of storage, and correspondingly the capacity now available at our fingertips, and posts the question of what the ‘world of data will look like in 50 years?”

Maybe 30 years ago, the boxes of IEEE Transactions on Computers hard copy sat in a storage shed. If I had my choice, I would probably display my collection in bookshelves at home or in an office. Yes, you have to go to the University library to get to read one of the issues, and yes, there was not the website IEEE Xplore at that time. The ease of data ‘acquisition’ coupled with data push – those notifications that so many of us are tickled to get, with our mobile devices gives reason that we want terabyte of storage. How often would we go back and look at that Whatsapp message 3 years ago? (Is there a way to do that – to give a date and Whatsapp will provide you the messages of that date? in app? at some website?). Since we do not have books and magazines (how many printed magazines still survive in the digital world?) to adorn our bookcases in our study, could we have some data management tool that is designed like a book that we can shelf, but controlled by our mobile device (best yet, selectable by voice and activated by voice via Siri or Alexa), that my Whatsapp messages of that date will be played out for my guests to enjoy, laughing at what a silly conversational topic then, and how one of the messengers was on target with a silly response. Would that be nice? This could extend to each vacation trip that you took, and a playback is auto by that ‘data book’ on your shelf.

Let’s hope.

Olympic Moments: InsP

Closing ceremony of Olympic 2016 is now in progress. I don’t have a TV, so I do not have a live feed to get the feel and join the celebration. Olympic moments are presented at (visited August 22, 2016). Moments like the handshake that never happened, the race-in-progress included taking care of your competitor, and the women’s wrestling metal was not only about sports. The moments can be snapped by a photographer onsite with strict concentration. A moment can be easily missed. With technology, the camera can transmitted that instance phenomenon (InsP) picture via wireless communication that finally reaches the Internet and on its way to a storage unit – how do you stream ‘the moment’ I wonder.

With super predictive power of Snoopy, the InsP app I installed on my Android phone happily pops up that moment picture in that storage as a notification. Of course, what is missing is the logical link from the app to the storage monitoring software (nothing new here), and an active Internet connection. That connection can be simply a cellular network connection (e.g., a LTE network that you paid monthly to use), or you rely on the (free) WiFi hotspot at where you are now. Hello, smart city. One moniker under IoT is the technology can bring smartness to a city. Depending how you look up ‘smart city,’ you will find plenty of opinions of what takes to be a smart city, from smart living to smart environment. One approach is to bring Internet connectivity coverage across the city, allowing a multi-modal networking state of citizens and visitors alike.

Take a peek at this HKG Government document, one initiative for a ‘Smarter Hong Kong’ (I like ‘smarter’ than simply ‘smart’) is to add more WiFi hotspots. Not sure the doubling of hotspots would bring to what percentage coverage in Hong Kong – maybe it was politically incorrect to state that. Anyhow, I am looking forward to any smart city to ‘connect’ me freely but with the need to involve in a logon process once. That would be tough if the hotspots are a public-private venture, and there is no concept yet of a global SSO. Who can push for that? The U.N.? Anyone?

Instance Phenomenon

Happy Year 2016!!

Another hour or so, CA (or other States in that time zone) will be bidding goodbye to 2015. That instance of counting down to 2016 will be recorded and shared among many.

Yes, I am still chasing that illusive concept of ‘visibility.’ Along the way, a few brews were made, not getting any better in understanding the elements that affect the taste outcome of the brew. Was it the weather? Was it the water amount I used in the wort? Or the typical yeast that was recommended by the shop? No clue.

We are moving towards the instance phenomenon unknowingly to most of us. Instance visibility is one of the phenomena; so is that instance when the first firework shot up the Australia skyline. We are not looking for instant phenomenon, but only that instance. In supply chains, that instance is being defined by the person who is looking for that phenomenon. We argue ( in a paper presentation in ICEB 2015) that a duality in visibility demands a more investigative study in a supply chain environment. A consequential presentation with respect to that paper was a ‘visibility cloud’ view that I allured to earlier in the posts.

I hope to detail a bit more our thinking on supply chain visibility, with big data!! here in a more regular fashion. My excuse is that to keep up with the term ‘big data’ and what have been discussed out there takes up much time to filter the lint off the topic fabrics.

Try another brew

Have to pick up the reading on brewing beer. I picked up an ‘old’ recipe for Rajah India Pale Ale (from Wine & Hop Shop). Ingredients are not that easy to come by here in Hong Kong. Anyway, I went to Chris’ shop and grabbed some hops (Willamette & Kent Golding), along with a pound of Caramel 10L crashed grains. I skipped the Oak Chips and put in orange peels instead!! I am taking this brew as if I was cooking a common dish when not all ingredients are not available at the spur of the moment. I believe why my sweet-and-sour pork is different than those that I used to get at some American-Chinese restaurants (you know what I am talking about) because I don’t use pineapple juice. Are we saying about the same for beer brewing, giving rise to the different taste and body? I like to find out the ‘science’ behind of it all. For now, let me catch up my reading before I run my mouth more on brewing as if I had done that many times over. I am still at kindergarten level.