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IoT – Where Are We?

“Hype Cycle?” Yes, somehow there was a “hype cycle for the Internet of Things.” . At this time, we are looking into definitions of ‘M2M’ and ‘IoT’ – likely to be a variant of that offered by ETSI. We also want to develop a common working framework for IoT, and the infrastructure to spread the IoT-based services to all participants – obviously, it is an environment where IoT data is shared and managed. The following diagram depicts the initial thinking:

The right depicts the four components of an IoT Business Framework, and the left is the infrastructure with the service concept that is cloud provisioned. The center is an example of an IoT artifact – a smart city.

Olympic Moments: InsP

Closing ceremony of Olympic 2016 is now in progress. I don’t have a TV, so I do not have a live feed to get the feel and join the celebration. Olympic moments are presented at (visited August 22, 2016). Moments like the handshake that never happened, the race-in-progress included taking care of your competitor, and the women’s wrestling metal was not only about sports. The moments can be snapped by a photographer onsite with strict concentration. A moment can be easily missed. With technology, the camera can transmitted that instance phenomenon (InsP) picture via wireless communication that finally reaches the Internet and on its way to a storage unit – how do you stream ‘the moment’ I wonder.

With super predictive power of Snoopy, the InsP app I installed on my Android phone happily pops up that moment picture in that storage as a notification. Of course, what is missing is the logical link from the app to the storage monitoring software (nothing new here), and an active Internet connection. That connection can be simply a cellular network connection (e.g., a LTE network that you paid monthly to use), or you rely on the (free) WiFi hotspot at where you are now. Hello, smart city. One moniker under IoT is the technology can bring smartness to a city. Depending how you look up ‘smart city,’ you will find plenty of opinions of what takes to be a smart city, from smart living to smart environment. One approach is to bring Internet connectivity coverage across the city, allowing a multi-modal networking state of citizens and visitors alike.

Take a peek at this HKG Government document, one initiative for a ‘Smarter Hong Kong’ (I like ‘smarter’ than simply ‘smart’) is to add more WiFi hotspots. Not sure the doubling of hotspots would bring to what percentage coverage in Hong Kong – maybe it was politically incorrect to state that. Anyhow, I am looking forward to any smart city to ‘connect’ me freely but with the need to involve in a logon process once. That would be tough if the hotspots are a public-private venture, and there is no concept yet of a global SSO. Who can push for that? The U.N.? Anyone?

Tiptoeing off the World Stage

To continue with the conversation on Instance Phenomenon, or InsP hereafter (Oh, I started this January once only!!), I add here with a definition: “The awareness of an event at the instance that it happens.” For example, when this was said: “In our nation’s capital, killings have risen by 50 percent. They are up nearly 60% in nearby Baltimore.” by the Republican nominee, you instantly are informed of this statement (let’s say because you live in Washington, D.C.). Furthermore, InsP could also mean that when that was said, a ‘fact check’ was performed, and you are instantly informed if the two percentages are correct or not. The first InsP is simple service that applies a filter to TV live broadcast, or a streaming feed of speech text from Twitter-like service – the word phrase you specified earlier will be used to create a notification to your cell once it appears (Yes, both services do not exist to the best of my knowledge).

Another level of InsP if the word ‘awareness’ is replaced with ‘visibility.’ That is, InsP can be visual. For example, the “Chewbacca Mom” will automatically stream to your smart device once the ‘like’ reaches a 50,000 counts (an indicator you manage). Technology has made such InsP possible. And examples are plenty but not universal (I will discuss some in later posts). The goal here is to develop a framework that allows the creation of InsP a known process, and hopefully, with the framework, solutions are available. I will bring in two other topics under the InsP discussion: IoT and Service in next posts.

I would love to have an InsP defined for myself when USexit of the World (a bigger version of Brexit) is a fact – that is, the next USA president is a Republican.