Monthly Archives: January 2015

Try another brew

Have to pick up the reading on brewing beer. I picked up an ‘old’ recipe for Rajah India Pale Ale (from Wine & Hop Shop). Ingredients are not that easy to come by here in Hong Kong. Anyway, I went to Chris’ shop and grabbed some hops (Willamette & Kent Golding), along with a pound of Caramel 10L crashed grains. I skipped the Oak Chips and put in orange peels instead!! I am taking this brew as if I was cooking a common dish when not all ingredients are not available at the spur of the moment. I believe why my sweet-and-sour pork is different than those that I used to get at some American-Chinese restaurants (you know what I am talking about) because I don’t use pineapple juice. Are we saying about the same for beer brewing, giving rise to the different taste and body? I like to find out the ‘science’ behind of it all. For now, let me catch up my reading before I run my mouth more on brewing as if I had done that many times over. I am still at kindergarten level.