Executive Search Firm (original post: June 15, 2011 at 8:41 pm)

I have my very first brush with an executive search firm.  Oh, the firm states it is “one of the largest executive search firms in the world.”  The interview was for a CEO job for a R&D Center.  It seemed that the position was already filled (based on the way they conducted the interview); just an exercise that the Center (government owned) had to go through the protocol before the announcement of the new hire to replace the current CEO who was retiring.  The interview was in the ‘Chairman’ office, about 3m x 2m, and I was sitting in a low two-seat sofa looking up at the Chairman, to my left, in a swivel chair and the Associate, to my right, also in a similar chair.  I would not be able to have the view of both in my vision, turning left and right, answering questions.   It was interesting.

No opening pleasantries.  Just, oh, this is a job for da da da.  Questions shooting left and right.  I am sure they are experienced recruiters, at least the Chairman.  But it was far from what I had done when I interviewed new staff.  So, either I was too naive or my expectation of a ‘largest firm’ was too high.

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