Visible Super Moon (original post: May 7, 2012)

Yesterday (May 5, 2012) was the super moon day. The moon was bright and larger (see this news article). Can we say the moon was ‘very visible?’ And because of that, we probably comment on ‘marks’ that we may not see on the moon every day (and night) before. Visibility raises our level of curiosity to a heightened state – in every aspect of our life, professionally or personally. The desert dust gathered on the front door was aptly reflected by the late morning sun when I opened the door to receive the landscape gentleman – unacceptable, I immediately rushed and wiped the door clean. Some telltale signs of aberration in supply chain operations, when visible, should garner the attentions of those responsible (SC) parties for corrective actions – on hindsight, one would wish that such signs should be ‘visible’ as soon as they manifested in the supply chains. The visibility cloud project is to prototype not just visibility but on-demand on-target push visibility that is enabled in the cloud. I will be at the Interop 2012 in Las Vegas to see where are we in the cloud computing business and what are the topics in discussion and issues at hands.

I was told the ‘invisibility” notion was too philosophical. Now, how could I explain it better?

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