Invisible Weakness (original post: October 9, 2012)

The Visibility Cloud (VC) project is still broiled in misplaced save-my-own-ass bureaucracy of a government agency. Instead of waiting and getting into the finger-pointing room, I become invisible to save my own sanity. On the flight from Madison, WI to Las Vegas, NV, I read the Lee Child’s Bad Luck & Trouble, a question was asked of one’s weaknesses and strengths. Weaknesses are many, but what matters in a two party dealing, the weaknesses of the other party are most important. Quite often than not, the weaknesses, if any, of the other party, are not apparent; even some are invisible to both parties. VC is an IT innovation that is most effective when the invisible weaknesses of a supply chain (or supply chains) are discovered. Using SCOR to establish a common baseline (of the supply chain in question) is a start of the discovery process (yet to be documented, discussed and improved if it is a viable tool). With the invisible weaknesses identified, (RFID-enabled) hotspots are mapped, then the VC comes into play with a short deployment period (I would say 3 months) for the supply chain parties to gain Supply Chain Visibility (SCV) to immediately put the invisible weaknesses now visible in check. Sound exciting? It is to me!! During my cooling period, I must re-align my priority, reduce my spread and concentrate on a few areas of interests. It is likely that I will complete my effort to ‘define’ SCV, and do some programming on the side (it is a pain now since GoDaddy is pulling Java off my hosting site – basically killing what I have done so far!!) for fun. To de-stress once in a while with gardening and cooking!! Oh, I read A Wanted Man and it was not good as the unknowns at the beginning become too tangled and illogical at end later half of the book.

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