Visibility Home (original post: April 5, 2013)

It is not a phone. It is not an OS. It is just a ‘family of apps.’ Well, that was said about ‘Facebook Home’ – from our view, an integrative presentation of what concerns you most when you wake up in the morning. So much as we label the web is now migrating into an integrative era. We are used to getting a software in a box that satisfies an identified need that can be enabled by starting that software in a computer, or now that compute node in the cloud. Nonetheless, we don’t expect there is one software that can be customized to do what one wants to do, from word processing to that Facebook posting. It is unlikely in my lifetime that Adobe and Microsoft will become one company that an Adobe Home software package can allow me to do any fancy creative suite manipulation while I am in powerpoint – really, I just want to remove that dimple from the person in that image I grab off the Internet. Tough. As tough as the reasoning behind gay marriage arguments.

If we take that thought, an integrative view of supply chain would be most beneficial to any supply chain participant at anytime anywhere. That elusive supply chain visibility is what we want to crystalize in this blog (yes, I changed the label from RFID Adoption in Supply Chains to Supply Chain Visibility). Riding on the chit chat, ‘Visibility Home’ would be what the vCloud (Visibility Cloud) would offer. Yes, in our design of vCloud, apps is the one interface that each participant will have to gain supply chain visibility. Not sure I like the label ‘Visibility Home’ (VH), and the ‘concept’ of it. ‘Home’ is too comfortable!! ‘War Room’ is too urgent, yet it is true that losses or wins can be accomplished. Anyway, I need a word, like ‘playbook’, ‘makeup kit’, ‘vPad’, …

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