Craft Beers in and of Hong Kong?

(original post: July 17, 2013) I have a few opportunities to try out some craft beers in the United States, especially IPA types. Here is just one example. One flavor of Lagunitas Beer I am now having a can of Harbin beer, with a 3.6% ABV and an ingredient of rice (大米). There are other choices such as the Pearl River Beer and the Heineken. I wonder if craft beer can have a place in the beer drinking community in Hong Kong or in Southern China? Wonder if any brewmasters out there is thinking of testing out such markets? I am quite interested in such endeavor, now trying my hands first time in home brewing. Not sure how it comes out yet – I will know in another week.

If you share similar interests, drop me a line with ‘craft beer’ as the subject line.

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