I’m Back – Who Said That?

It has been an interesting hiatus for me in the past year or so. Not that I was disconnected from cyberspace, like the landing of Lollipop and Yoshimite. I was dragged, half willingly, into the mist of big data, while I was wondering how much bourbon was in that bourbon barrel IPA. Can’t say the qualifier ‘big’ was not on target. It was big alright. But it was not what was ‘in’ the data that was big (how many ‘was’ in this sentence?). There was a trail to that ‘big’ noted all the way back to processing in Silicon Graphics equipment.
    It is big alright – from the perspective of google.com/trends to the number of publications found in academic journals on ‘big data.’ Nonetheless, data is data, and if in electronic form, it would be just ‘text’ or ‘numbers’ (or ASCII characters and numerical digits). Numbers have no meanings. If it is a quantity then we need to know the context. Text is another matter. Just WSD (word sense disambiguation) will give you headaches when you try to mine the user-generated content (UGC) in social media postings.
    I need more IPA’s to help me think clearly!! I narrow down my Big Data plate to ‘visibility,’ ‘analytics,’ and ‘supply chains.’ Basically, I am hopping back to ‘supply chain visibility’ to begin the new year 2015. Happy New Year to you all.

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