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This blog is an intersection of work and fun. Work is chasing the technology world, exhausting and frustrating, and fun is extending happiness to those around me and at a distance. Any down moments will be washed away with that lovely craft beer. The retirement is still in the wind – just need to get that ZENSE out first. Enjoy. [Posting comments in too clumsy in blogs. Just tweet @any2any].

[Below was written in the beginning of year 2014]

Shifting from teaching then research was an experience. Now, shifting from working to retiring is a path that needs some recording and posting to hope for at least some audience!!

Unfinished business is the idea of ‘visibility’ in a world where resources are abundant but not specific, is there a direction that a personal or business visibility can be articulated? I will try and continue to try while I begin a final hobby hopping into beer (IPA specific) brewing. Brew master is years in the making, all I wish for is some nice brew to my taste once in a while, and be able to share with anyone who has a beef with today’s youngsters’ view of the future.

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