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Instance Phenomenon

Happy Year 2016!!

Another hour or so, CA (or other States in that time zone) will be bidding goodbye to 2015. That instance of counting down to 2016 will be recorded and shared among many.

Yes, I am still chasing that illusive concept of ‘visibility.’ Along the way, a few brews were made, not getting any better in understanding the elements that affect the taste outcome of the brew. Was it the weather? Was it the water amount I used in the wort? Or the typical yeast that was recommended by the shop? No clue.

We are moving towards the instance phenomenon unknowingly to most of us. Instance visibility is one of the phenomena; so is that instance when the first firework shot up the Australia skyline. We are not looking for instant phenomenon, but only that instance. In supply chains, that instance is being defined by the person who is looking for that phenomenon. We argue ( in a paper presentation in ICEB 2015) that a duality in visibility demands a more investigative study in a supply chain environment. A consequential presentation with respect to that paper was a ‘visibility cloud’ view that I allured to earlier in the posts.

I hope to detail a bit more our thinking on supply chain visibility, with big data!! here in a more regular fashion. My excuse is that to keep up with the term ‘big data’ and what have been discussed out there takes up much time to filter the lint off the topic fabrics.