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Open Forum on RFID Adoption in a Supply Chain (original post: June 15, 2011 at 8:49 pm)

Just some information about the Open Forum on “RFID-based Enabling Technology for On-Target Visibility in Garment Supply Chains” that was held at The Chinese University of Hong Kong [go].  The Forum was hosted by the Center of Cyber Logistics, then part of the Li & Fung Institute of SCM & Logistics, CUHK.

Recurring Issues – RFID Adoption (original post: July 31, 2011)

A workshop hosted by GS1 HK & GS1 US was conducted last week starting on the 26th July in Hong Kong.  Two  lingering issues were ‘how and what to tag’ and ‘what and where are the ROIs’.  Mostly RFID solutions providers touted their solutions in how to have solutions to tag what you want to tag with accuracy and standard-based codes.  Serialization is often mentioned – an inherent characteristics of Internet of Things.  I used the term single unique identity (SUI) in discussion of privacy and security in 2005 to highlight the importance of not only the uniqueness dimension of the EPC (Electronic Product Code) must be addressed, but also the singleton nature.  Was there a solution to ensure this SUI tagging is guaranteed – not until a global entity can and is allowed/supported to take up this responsibility.

There is a possibility I will be working with a label and accessory company to start the thinking on this, and if possible, working along with GS1 and see if the ezTrack in another form can incorporate such capability by default.

As for the first issue, we believe we have a possible working framework to guide the how and what with methodologies that are grounded in both academic research and practitioners’ visions.  For the second issue, I will study more of what the current thinking of those corporations (mainly retailers) who had experienced the RFID adoption in one way or the other.  With that, we will enrich our current model of SCOR-based KPI-driven Visibility Platform.